The first week in CSVPA

Friday, 6th January 2017

In this week, the teachers and tutor told us some rules about college because we are new students here, and i think they are all very kind and enthusiastic especially when we cannot speak english very well, they slowed down their speaking and did some actions to help us to understand.At first i was afraid to speak english due to the fact that i would make some grammar mistakes and i cannot speak correctly.However, maybe i could speak more and have courage by teachers’ help in the future.

Yesterday, we started our first life drawing which was very fresh and interesting. The drawing teacher is nice and humorous, we had a happy day with him. The life drawing is a little difficult for us because we have to finish a work in 5 minutes or just in 1 minutes. Sometimes we need to paint by left hand or just draw without looking at the picture, which could be more hard. When we finished our work, we always laughed because our paintings were very strange. I think life drawing is very funny, so i am looking forward the new class next week.

We also showed our portfolio to Nancy yesterday, she helped us to revamp our work and told us what we should do to make our work better, she gave us many suggestion which is useful and helpful. In actually, i do not want to use my old work to apply university. The reason why i come to this college is that i could do some new paintings and learn new skills by teachers, which could as my new portfolio. As a result, in the nest two months, i will pay more attention on my work  and prepare a new and perfect portfolio to apply my dream university.

Today is the last day of this week, i could make a study plan at weekends, and i am also looking forward to the future study life.


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