A busy week

Friday, 13th January 2017


This week, we spent much of our time on portfolio with Tom.  I need to show my creation and confidence on my work, which really confused me. Tom gave me some suggestion which is very useful. I printed some same pictures with different sizes to design my work, which could be quicker than drawing by my hand. I also used different colour to paint people face. It looked interesting. However, when i designed my third work, i had no inspiration. I do not know what type of illustration that i like. I also do not have a goal. Tom told me that i should try more until i find out my favourite form. I always think too much on painting and worry about others thinking so that i cannot expand my mind. This is the most important thing that i worry about now.

Tutors told me that we will start our course in next week, we will have many projects to do, which could help me to find out what is my favourite form of illustration. Therefore, although this week i felt tired and a bit of hopeless, i still learnt a lot from the process. I have to change my mind and be developed. There are many limitations which restrict me. I  am looking forward the next week.


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