About Zine

I am doing a project about zine these days, it is part of my portfolio. John gave me some advice and website which could help me finish my work. Yesterday, I went to the museum to observe the artifacts and did some drawing to motivate me to have more inspiration and creation. Tomorrow, I plan to visit Cambridge University to see the beautiful buildings  and views. I could also do some painting that help me expand my mind. Now what I need to do is to collect imagines and information and do much research about my portfolio, although I do not have any ideas about my work now, I will try my best to complete my work.

Today I had some ideas about my zine, I wanna do a topic about giant pandas. Panda is one of my favorite animals and it is the treasure of my country. Therefore, I did much research and printed many images, which could help me to creat.Tomorrow i will pint more panda’s images and start doing my mind map.I hope i could finsih my zine completely.


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