First two weeks in the UK

I have been to  Cambridge for two weeks. In these weeks, i gradually adapted the environment and started preparing my portfolio. In first week, I didn’t have any course class. I just met some tutors and learned information about my college, deciding which university I would like to apply and did much research. By the help of Emily, who is our tutor of application, I applied five universities. The UCAS system is complexed for me, but in actuality, the process of applying college is a little hurry, I haven’t come and do enough research about my universities, so it is a little pity.

Tom is our life drawing teacher, he helped us begin our portfolio in first two days, he taught me some skills and gave me some advice like cutting the images and printing them to complete my work, which could be quicker and more convenient. He also encouraged me try more types of illustration until find out my favorite style. John and Tom said I think too much about my work and care much about others’thinking, which cannot help me expand my mind and change the method of thinking. I agree with them beacasue this is my biggest problem. 

In the second week, I started my major course. This Monday morning, I had a sketch experience with new classmates. When drawing people, I cannot draw their face well, so I think I need more practice. Then next two days, John began to guide me do a project about zine, she gave me some suggestions which help me have clear goals. So I went to museum to draw some artifacts which may motivate me to create more work. As I said before in my blog, I want to make a zine about giant pandas due to the fact that I have much interest on this beautiful and adorable animal. I watched documentaries about giant panda before, I was deeply attracted by pandas. Therefore, I think making zine is a good way to express my love for panda. I collected and printed many images of panda, today I will cut and draw some images, making a mind map to help me have more inspiration.

Although I didn’t take a long to study and live in this beautiful city, I still love the environment and life here. I love Cambridge’s sky which is really amazing and wonderful. In the morning, the sky is clean blue and the cloud is pink and purple. I always send photos of sky to my family and friends, they also think it’s very pretty. I love the small house and road, which is totally different from my country. The only problem is that I don’t like food here… I miss my county’s food, I think Chinese food is the most delicious food in the world. Probably I will learn to cook by my self in next days.


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