Week 1 Introduction 

CURSE OF zhangyimou

Talking about an artist who influenced me a lot. I would definitely say Yimou Zhang. He is one of the most famous directors in China. The first movie which I wahtched directed by him is The flowers of wall. Whenever it’s picture or clothing or any other details, this film is very amazing and massive. This is also my first interest on him. After that, I watched the documentary about the process of this movie because of curiosity. From this documentary, I noticed he went to America to study film technology and he even cannot speak English. It’s quite a hard work to him due to the language. He exprenced thousands times just for producing a kind of beautiful colour of a piece of glass. I was deeply impressed by him when I saw here. He spent most of his time for his film industry and also contributed a lot for Chinese movie. I started to admire him and pay more attention on his work.

maxresdefaultThis year he directed a movie called The Great Wall. In this movie, he tried his best to show the traditional Chinese culture to the world. He wants to express the world the spirit of Chinese which is very touching. I was moved by his behaviour. Under his influence, I also want to create more work which could develop and expand Chinese culture to the world and help foreigners to understand China better without misunderstanding especially after I study abroad in U.K. I found many westerners have some wrong cognitions to China. I hope I could change their prejudice. What’s more, my major is illustration. So I think I have many chances to do it. Yimou Zhang has much passion to his work and works very hard. His spirit of insisting making movies no matter how difficult deeply effects me. So every time when i feel very tired or want to give up to my work, I will think about him which could encourage me. He is old now but he still insists, I am young so I should work harder.That’ why he is my favourite artist. Not only his movies but also the spirit. I hope some day I could also make contributions to my country like him one day.


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