The first week in February 

Thursday, 2nd February , 2017

This Monday, we took photos outside. We need to do some linoprint about letters. We could use differnt type of letters in our work and make a beautiful composition. 

I like these kind of letters which is fluent and looks soft, so I linoprinted them. However, even though I know we could put that in our sketchbook to make differnt work, but I still don’t understand what kind of work we could do by these letters, just letter images? What’s more, how to use these letters to decorate our work. To be honest, I tried do some beautiful linoprinting and I also know we need to use differnt medias to complete our work, I still feel confused and helpless when I working. 

On Tuesday, we went to museum again to do some drawing. There are many dedicated decorations from ancient. As a result, I think I could use that as part of my zine. Women always like decorations. The artifacts from museum are interesting and worth exploring  more. I also took some photos of ancient women in museum who is carrying a laundry or carry a baby. They looks tired and helpless, from images, I think maybe I could make a story about them in ancient. 

Yesterday was a completely confusing day. In the afternoon, I didn’t know what we should do so I just drew some pictures  from photos which I took before. I wanted to draw more artifacts that may inspire me to create more imagines and story. However, Julie told me that I can draw pictures in my free time, in her class, I should think more about how to compose my zine and use differnt medias. As I said before, I knew we should use different Medias because the universities like that. But I don’t know how to use them to make my work more beautiful like hand drawing. She said I could do some linoprinting or print photographs, cut out and stick to complete my work. All of these I knew, but I just feel very confused. I don’t know how to start and how to compose. I wanted to ask more but I felt shy and afraid tutor will be angry which is really embarrassing, so I gave up. I truly worry about the deadline and portfolio but if I have some clear goal and idea I will feel better. Nevertheless, I just feel totally coufused and cannot think any ideas. That’s the worst thing.


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