Week 2 Dada and Surrealism 

Title: The persistence of Memory

Artist: Salvador Dali

Medium: painting


This painting is one of Dali’s famous works in his life. We can see some landscapes which is very clam as background, and there are some watches which are like soft tongues. The whole painting expresses a world with resting time, which looks very desolately. I think Dali tried mix dream and reality in this painting. He had much incredible imagination and liked using many elements of surrealism in his work. He was addicted to Freud’s opinions about dream. In some aspects, Freud influenced him a lot about his painting and creating. When I saw this work, I just felt a little scared. It was like a eternal world which made me feel hopeless. I like vitality and life. However, this painting is full of absurd, the life ending and timeless. There is also a weird face in this drawing. The color of the background is yellow and blue, which looks very calm and actual. In my opinion, the life always keep on, it can’t be stopped. This is the rule of nature. As a result, this painting makes me feel fresh and a little ridiculous. But I also love this painting. 


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