Process of making zine

My tutor Jo recommend me to see the works of an illustrator named Sara Fanelli, which I could get some inspiration from her work. I searched some of her work which is really interesting, I love her style a lot. She uses many different medias to put together.This is some images of her work.

As a result, when I did my zine, I imitated a little bit of her style. I used letter background, cuting the photos of artifacts’face which taken from museum, drawing the different body for them and use different painting media such as watercolor, colorful pencils and mark pens.

When I finished my original work, I scanned them and used photoshop to edit. But I made a big mistake because I used much photoshop brush to draw my work, it can’t be allowed because hand drawing is better for our course. What’s more, it’s my first time to use photoshop, I am totally a green hand. So I can’t use photoshop brush very well and be practiced, which may make my work become worse. As a result, I deleted them and did again. 

I found a problem in my work, all of my images are very complicated and colorful. When I put them together, the whole page will become very busy. I don’t know how to draw some easy paintings because when I paint, I always want to full the empty space. Jo told me less than more, she helped me to create a new empty page on photoshop and added some text. When I put them together, it looked better now. One is busy one is free, which could be a balance. I was sinspired by Jo and stared to draw some simple paintings which could match complicated pages. There are some simple images which I drew in my sketchbook. 

The final step to make my zine is covers. I planed to draw a girl whose face from museum and be a black dress with long hair for my back cover. But it looked very fashion which doesn’t match the theme of my zine when I finished. So I deleted it and drew again.

This is my cover. I was inspired by Sara’s work and put many elements from museum in this work. I named the zine”Lirs” because she is the god of rainbow from Ancient Greek mythology. The theme of my zine is full of colorful and rainbow. So I think this name is suitable for my zine.

I planed to use blue background for my covers. But I tried many times and found white background is better. I think it’s still a long time for me to practice using photoshop. I hope one day I could use it very well. The process of making zine is busy, but I’m happy that I could make a good zine by myself finally. It’s a good experience for me. 


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