Week 4 Pop Art

Image result

Title: Campbell’s Soup Cans

Artist:Andy Warhol

Medium: Silkscreen print


Dimensions: 51 x 41 cm per canvas

In Andy’s period, the soup cans were one of the most popular goods, he printed many same images for his art, which is trying to use mass-produced goods to communicate with his works. I think this is one of the famous marks in his period and he was deeply influenced by Pop art, so he did a lot of work about mass-produced goods. In my opinion,  the reason why Andy repeated the same image over and over is that he wanted to emphasize the item which in image. He was trying to attract people’s attention to notice the mass-produced goods. As i said before, most of his work are mass-produced goods or commodities. There is no doubt that Andy celebrates mass-produced goods, i think he loves it a lot and he wanted to spread it through his work, which could influence more people to know about mass-produced goods.Finally, i think his art has became a mass produced commodity because his art is full of repeat-ability.He was very good at using different bright colors to make point on his work, which could impressive people.

Pop Art Collage Tool: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/popart-collage

I chose an image of Beyonce because now she is the one of most famous pop singers in the world. She is a superstar who is deeply influences Pop music circles.Andy used to repeat Marilyn Monroe who is the most well-known actors in the world for his work.



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