Song project(artist research1)

This week I started doing new project. It’s about song. My song is ‘This is the sea’. At first, I still need to do three artist research. The first artist who I chose is called Kathy Wyatt.These are some of her work.

From Kathy’s work, I can see she is good at watercolor and shaping people. She uses one single color to be the main color and then paints other similar colors. This style is sort of freedom and simple. Just like Lucinda’s style. The difference is most of Lu’s work is about views, Kathy’s is about people. I love it so much.So I imitated her painting style to draw a ballet dancer. However, I found this is very difficult. Because I need to draw different complexed colors and it’s hard to make similar colors. Although it looks very simple, in fact it’s complicated. I really have no idea about colors. All I can do is just pencil drawing or a little bit watercolor. I think I have to try and practice drawing different colors, which make my paintings better in color.


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