Song project( primary research1)

I visited three museums in London yesterday. I did some research for the museum.


This is a table-top of ancient Roman marbles from the Natural History Museum. This table-top s inlaid with a large variety of ornamental stones excavated from tombs on the Appian Way, a road constructed from Rome to Capua by Appius Claudius Caecus in 321 BC.

The table, made for a Dr Pantaleone of Rome, was acquired by Dr John Topham who brought it to England in 1870. It was presented to the Museum by his daughter in 1918.


Matteo Civitali, Angle, About 1496( from V&A museum)

Civitali’s original marble angles are in Lucca Cathedral. They once flanked a tabernacle made to house the sanctified bread used during the Mass. The graceful fingers would have appealed to audiences in the 19th century, when the casts were made.


  1. Dissected puzzle, 1860s from The Science Museum

Dissected puzzles or jigsaws emerged in the 18th century and soon became one of the most popular toys for wealthy families. This one shows the rail network of England and Wales.

44.The boy’s Own Toymaker c. 1860 from The Science Museum

Nineteenth-century children’s books and annuals were extremely popular. Most either carried a moral message or were educational like this one.


  1. Two protractors, 1760-1800 from The Science Museum

These unsigned protractors may have been made by Watt or bought in. They were wrapped in paper marked protractor price 7/6 in Watt’s hand.

5.Paris of dividers, 1750-80 from The Science Museum

An instrument was only as accurate as its measuring scale. Making or “dividing” these scales was a highly skilled job which all instrument-makers had to master.

In Science Museum, I saw many ancient technology and modern science which is really awesome. In Natural History Museum, I learned a lot about human and animals. I took a lot of photos of animals which Is very beautiful and could use them on my work. Because I have few time to observe animals, when I drew animals I always cannot draw them well. As a result it is a good chance for me to observe these adorable and amazing animals and then practice drawing them. My favourite museum is V&A museum. It’s a very large and amazing museum which contains much architecture, sculptures and art work. I saw many sculptures which from my art book.So it is very exciting.When I watched these sculptures, I saw two men doing quick sketch of them. They painted very well. I was thinking maybe one day in the future I can do the same thing as them because I love quick sketch as well. What’s more, I visited China and Japan gallery, I took some photos. I love Orientalism.i love to use orientalist elements on my work too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do quick sketch and finish V&A museum visiting. So next time I will do some paintings and visit V&A museum again.



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