Week5 Minimalism

From the first image we could see it’s very colorful and bright.This is the magazine page about fashion and women. The women in colorful cloths and dress in this page which give us a good visual experience.It looks like a beautiful fashion show. The typeface in this page looks lively and deft especially the title which is by hand writing and artificial computer typeface. The whole page give people relaxed and lively feeling ,the layout is compact which means the content full of the page, matching different clolors and images. I love this layout because I can feel the passion from the magazine editor and I can have more interest to see the content with this beautiful background.

Compare to the second image, it is also a page from a magazine, but the style is hugely different from the first image. The whole page looks very simple and clean. The background is simple white, and there are 6 models wearing simple cloths which have single or two main color. They don’t have any complexed position just stand here, which looks cool and relaxed. The title and typeface of this page is also very simple, not like the fist image which bestrew the whole white space, it just occupied a little bit space in the page, the black and white matches very well in  this image. The layout is also simple style, I love this page as well because it can makes me feel comfortable and clean.


This article talks about a Japanese named Fumio Sasaki how to become a minimalism, the reason why he wants to live in a minimalist way is because he wants to have more time and space to live with his friends and family rather than spending much time cleaning the house and shopping. He wants to give himself more time to concentrate on other aspects of his life. In his family, he and his wife all chose this kind of stye to live, their house is very clean and simple,  they enjoy it very much.


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