Song project(primary research3)

Last Friday we went to Wells-next-the-sea, it’s a beautiful town which has many seafood restaurants and shopping stores. It was windy so we didn’t go to the beach with colorful small houses which is a famous scenic spots. The weather was very bad and very cold at that day, it is a big difference between U.k and my country. In my country, the weather is always good and not like British rainy usually. I don’t like rain and hate cold, it is one of the reasons that i don’t like British. Me and some of my friends visited the shopping street, it is small but very beautiful. People who live here look peaceful and good, the life look simple and quiet, it is different from big cities as well. I think small town has its own benefits. After shopping we went to game center to have fun, i was surprised that there were some old men playing the game center as well. They looked very enjoyable, it is very difficult to see old men in game center in China, because old men in China they prefer looking after their grandsons or dancing with friends in squares. I think it might be the different culture and different mind in British. I appreciate it because it is fresh and it shows that old men have childishness.I hope i can see more different culture in British in the future.


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