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Forbes 30 Under (Art and Style) honoree and Society of Illustrators New York Gold Medalist Victo Ngai (倪传婧)is a Los Angeles based illustrator from Hong Kong, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. “Victo” is not a boy nor a typo, but a nickname derived from Victoria – a leftover from the British colonization.victo work3

Victo provides illustrations for newspaper and magazines such as the New York Times and the New Yorker; create storyboards and art for animations with studios like NBC and Dreamworks ; makes books for publishers such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Folio Society and Macmillan; and works on packaging and advertisement campaigns for Apple, Johnnie Walker, American Express, Lufthansa Airline and General Electric. Ngai’s first published illustration was for the Plansponsor Magazine, which was published during her third year of university. She has also had work commissioned from McDonald’s and Tiger Beer’s Chinese New Year promotions, in addition to ad campaigns for the New York subway system, Lufthansa airlines, and General Electric. In addition to ad campaigns and magazine work, Ngai has also produced work for book covers and interiors. Robert Newman has written of her commissions that, “Victo works with a restrained and limited colour palette, which makes her illustrations all the more remarkable for their power and richness. Detailed and precise, her work has glimpses of comic book drawings, classic children’s book illustrations, the work of Japanese painters, and much more.”

victo work1

Victo has also taught at the School of Visual Art New York, the Illustration Academy and gives guest lectures and workshop at universities and conferences, this has become her favourite excuse to visit different cities.

Apart from drawing, Victo’s biggest passions are traveling and eating. She’s hoping that one day she will save up enough to travel around the world and sample all kinds of cuisines.


Victo’s work full of imagination and creation which is really amazing and fantastic, she used Chinese traditional painting way to draw part of her work. She is also famous in china, people are interested on her painting style and amazing content. I chose three of her work and imitated her style to paint one of these work. I love the dancing woman, her movement is quite soft and airily which like a bird. When I draw this woman I used soft pencil to draw the shape, and then used watercolour pencil and mark pen to put colour on it. I ‘m not very good at colour and I also observed how other artists use colour. The woman in work is wearing a white dress with some red which like blood, its beautiful and sometimes looks a little ridiculous but funny as well. There are other dancing woman around her, which make woman who standing in the centre more attractive and pretty. I love this layout and the way to express a story. I imitated Victo’s colour as well. I learnt if I want to draw a simple people in colour, do not use too much colour, single or two colour is enough, The colour also express what the artist want to say and what they want to tell people. It’s very good to put colour to make your painting more beautiful. I‘m still learning how to use colour, even thought it’s quite difficult and I always make mistakes in colour, which broke my original painting, I still like to try.The process of learning colour is interesting, I can try to use different colour matching and then make different feeling for the whole work, so I will continue to learn colour until I can draw it well.


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