Song project(artist research3)

 The third artist is Petra.

 He is graduated from Camberwell which I applied. His work is surrealism. And the title of Petra’s work is interesting. Some is named”[Cloths] are our social shells”, some is called”Why dose nothing ever suit me?!” Petra said the elements of his work reflects from society. I can see much stress and pain from his work, which is moved me very well. And I also like his style because I love strange face or mask. As a result, I got much inspiration from him. These days I’m preparing my own work for my portfolio. Much of my work is from my real life and my mind. I found I love to draw by surrealism. 

I used exaggerated and strange elements on my work, which make it looks absurd but meaningful. I think the true-life work maybe beautiful, but sometimes look boring. The content of painting which doesn’t exist in real life and full of imagination can make drawing more funny. I love surrealism. And I plan to draw by surrealism in my future work.


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