Song project(final piece2)

When I listened the last lyrics from THIS IS THE SEA, I just felt the freedom. The person who wants find out the way home and find out who he/she is. So I think at the end, he free himself and found the way home. So I want to draw a work which can shows the freedom and relaxation. 

Before that, I did some observational drawing from museum. 

I chose one character to put on my work. The little boy looks good. He is cute and from western, but I want him sit on the crane and fly on the sky. I want to combine the estern culture and western culture. That’s why I drew a western boy flying the Asian cranes. It looks interesting.

However, when I sent this picture to My tutor, she denied it. I think it’s not good enough and the color matching looks weird. I’m not good at color so I think I need to practice more.


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