Song project(final piece4)

When I collected the elements from the museum, j just found a sculpture which looks so cool.

The sculpture makes me feel it looks like sea god. He is blowing a horn to call upon all his people father together. When I saw him, I can imagine how powerful he is and how serious he is. I just imagined a man who got lost in the sea, the sea god catches home and deprived his body, just left him a lonely soul who impriosoned under the sea. After a period, a song called” this is the sea” spread the sea god, at the same time, the man was encouraged by this song and tried to escape his control. Finally, he found the way home. The sea god blowed horn to celebrate. The music spread all region. This is the story of the illustration. 

But, unfortunately, this work is also denied by Jo. I think I’m really bad on color maybe. It makes me sad. I did the evaluation before, I said I was improved by using color because in the past I even cannot use color by myself. However, the reality is, my color matching is still very bad. I thought it’s not bad maybe it’s okay but not. Or Jo doesn’t like the combination. I felt very depressed. What I can do is practicing more and try more. What I can say is try next time. Yes next time. True warriors dare to face the bleak life.


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