Song project(primary research 4)

I visited The Fitzwilliam Museum to do my primary research. There are many artifacts and sculptures, I took many photos of them and did some observational drawing.


These artifacts and paintings gave me much inspiration. I can use different elements from museum and combine them to build a beautiful work. Like sculptures, it is a good choice. Whatever the portrait or patterns or landscape, it’s varsity and I can do a lot from them.

When I saw the crane patterns, I can felt the beauty of estern, it is very popular in Asian culture, arts and design. It looks like Japanese painting and Chinese painting. Whatever it is, it shows the style of Asian art, the fluent motion and freedom of the drawing. I love this feeling, I really appreciate the eastern art style. And I want to combine different culture and art style on my work in the future.

I took much photographs for these beautiful sculptures. It a very lively. I did some observational drawing and chose some portraits for my work. I love their cloths and smile, it shows different environments and time. When they put together, I can see the varity and the beauty of different countries.

I planned to draw the dancing couples, but I failed because it’s too difficult to draw their face. It’s not flat image, it’s 3D real sculptures. So I just took photos and decided to draw next time when I back to museum. However, I’d like to try and face challenges. I know I have to practice and draw more, experience more, it will help me to improve my drawing skill. Observational drawing is really helpful and important.


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