Exit through the gift shop

Questions answers:


1.Before this film, i thought street art is just painting of the scribble. I don’t really like them. In China it’s not usual so most of chinese have no idea about street art.

2.Yes the film has changed my attitude. There are many good street art work, and Banksy’ work convey many different attitude and ideas, which impressed me a lot. Street art is not just painting in a mess, it’s art as normal art.

3. I think the film wants to tell people that what is street art and how to think about it in different way. In this film we can see many street artists and losing to their ideas and options, and then think about street art again by ourselves. 

4. Yes I will recommend this film because it’s a good way to introduce what is real street art and let them know more about this culture.


8. I think this is a good idea. Now most street artists don’t have enough space to do their work, if the government can support them some public space, they can pay more attention on their work rather than looking for the suitable space, which will waste some time. 


In my opinion, I think street art is a good way to express people’s stories or attitudes. In western countries, there are many good street work, it’s cool and  make the city more various and beautiful in some way. For example, in some small old cities, there are many amazing street work in walls or some space, which make the city looks more funny. But in China it’s unusual.So I hope one day China can have street art as well.


The street near my accommodation, there are also many good street art. Some students celebrated their birthday, some people painted some good characters. When I saw them first time, I felt very interesting. Now I really found if street art, I hope one day I can do it as well.


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