Referencing exercise 

Alice Rawsthorn thinks that ‘The stock answer is that good design is generally a combination of different qualities- what it does, what it looks, and so on.” He also believes that “Even today it’s a possible for something to qualify as good design simply by fulfilling its function efficiently”. According to his article, we know now we tend to prize it for being challenging or provocative like Apple’s gorgeous digital products. “The belief that the new is better than the old was a central tenet of 20th-century design culture, and its still seductive today”, said by Alice. (Rawsthorn 2008)

 However, other writer said the good design is as little design as possible.( Edwin 2016) ‘Good design makes a product usedful’, said by Ram. Edwin also thinks design is intended as a provocation or a manifestation of a social good and design is almost always conceived of as a solution and designers as problem solvers.

 The last writer thinks’ get design and management right and we make places to treasure’.(Simmons 2009) He said design is the way we decide how we want things to be.’Good design is not inevitable. It needs to be championed.’ Simmons also believes that design is a creative process and good design comes from a good client, with a sound brief, working to a realistic programmer with a creative design team and adequate budget. At last, he said,’ if we do this we can create a culture that will consistently deliver good design.’ 

According to three sources, I think I have found what is good design. 


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