Busy day

On Tuesday John taught me to use different ways to do some paintings which could make our portfolio more interesting. The one method is lino printing. I draw a mask on the blue lino and use knife to cutout and then print with black ink.This is my final work.

This is my first time to do lino printing. The final work looks not bad. It’s interesting because it’s new for me. At first, it’s a little difficult to use material especially using knife to cutout. But 10 minutes later, I could use it easily.The final work looks different than other paintings, so I think I could use this way to do more work on my portfolio and I also need to practice more to make my work better and wonderful.

Yesterday, we had a class with Julie who is a kind and nice teacher. I did some artist research and imitated their style to draw pictures. I’ m very happy that I found a kind of style which I like very much. This draw style is made up by many lines and one or two watercolor which looks very beautiful. I think I will imitate this style in my future work until I find my own style.


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